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A unique parent to parent support service that has had a lasting, positive impact on family welfare.
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The Home-Start network

The Home-Start network consists of Home-Start UK and 337 affiliated schemes. Together they form the Home-Start service, delivering one-to-one support, friendship and practical help to young families.

The History of Home-Start

When Home-Start was founded in 1973 no-one involved in this unique parent-to-parent support service imagined that one local Home-Start in Leicester would be so effective and so popular with families that it would expand to more than 300 within 30 years. It did and now Home-Start is the UK's leading family support charity and is expanding into even more areas of the UK.

Mission and Beliefs

Home-Start believes that children need a happy and secure childhood and that parents play the key role in giving their children a good start in life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Our approach

Home-Start Schemes are rooted in the communities they serve. They are managed locally, but supported by the national organisation: this offers direction, training, information and guidance and ensures consistent and quality support for parents and children wherever they are.

Home-Start has a proven, lasting, positive impact on the development of children and the health and welfare of the family.

Parents play a key role
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