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Free Baby Massage Classes

Home-Start Lorn (via our trained staff member Kelly) have been offering Baby Massage classes to groups of parents and their babies at Atlantis Leisure.

Baby massage is known to be beneficial in the early stages of a baby's development and can help in a number of areas including to reduce stress and anxiety in both mother and baby, strengthening verbal and non verbal communication, deepening the bond between baby and mother, supporting healthy physical and emotional development, soothing the symptoms of teething and colds, easing discomfort of colic, constipation, trapped wind and reflux, improving sleep and helping the baby to feel safe, secure & loved.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Free Summer Holiday Groups

Our Home-Start Lorn & Mull teams have put on a number of extra summer groups to help keep parents and children occupied during the longer school holidays.

The groups featured a number of different types of activity that included Messy Play in Dunbeg, Wellbeing walks to Iona, the Stork Cafe toddler play session, swimming class at Atlantis, Trip to Taynuilt play park, a picnic at Ganavan beach, a Wellbeing Walk from the Corran Halls, The Oban boat trip, Sensory Play at Dunbeg, Walk to Dunbeg Castle, Visit to the aquarium, Bookbugs sessions, Trip to Kilchoan, and the Home-Start Summer Picnic!

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Free Antenatal Classes

Our Home-Start Mull team in partnership with the Mull Midwife and Health Visitor, are offering a number of Antenatal classes on the Isle of Mull.

The various classes covered a number of topics that included late pregnancy, signs and symptoms of labour and how labour progresses, infant feeding workshop, outcomes of labour and early days with baby and many other areas.

Please contact us if you would like to know more.



Babies in LockdownBabies in Lockdown - Home-Start launches new report

Charity collective Best Beginnings, Home-Start UK and the Parent-Infant Foundation reveal key findings from an online survey of over 5,000 parents that highlight the chronic under resourcing of services for families, the inequalities in babies’ early experiences and its worsening forecast due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The three charities - who all work to improve outcomes for parents and children with a focus on the early years - warn that many families with lower incomes, young parents and those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, will have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

Read the report here »


KimberlyMombie – An honest account of our admin's maternity leave

So, I came back to work last week after 9 months of blissful maternity leave... Who am I trying to kid, it was far from blissful, don't get me wrong some of it was lovely but a lot of it wasn't.

At the beginning we really struggled with breastfeeding it wasn't the same beautiful easy experience that I had with my eldest, there was pain, there was blood and there was ugly crying from me, lots of it.

After a week and a half of trying my baby was checked for tongue tie and I was told that she was fine. I wanted to express and bottle feed but I was put under a lot of pressure from some of the medical professionals looking after us to keep going. I didn’t, I bottle fed my baby for a week and a half feeling like I had totally failed as a parent, after some healing time I attempted breastfeeding again and the cycle of pain and blood repeated itself, this time she was correctly diagnosed with tongue tie, I cried with the relief that it wasn’t my fault that we had been struggling. We did eventually re-establish breastfeeding from about 7 weeks old and her tongue tie was corrected at 13 weeks.

My baby wouldn’t be put down for what seemed like the first 6 months of her life, I would cook dinner for the family with her sat in her bouncer chair screaming because I dared to put her down, I would then have my partner cut up my dinner so I could hold her whilst I ate one handed. I had to wear her in a sling to get any house work done.

At around 6 months old she started sitting and was happy to sit and play on the floor for short bursts then she would want to be held again.

She slept really well, she would wake for her first feed between 4:30 and 5:30am then go back to sleep until around 7am the days might have been hard but she rewarded me with a good rest at night so I was able to cope with the following day.

Then teething started at around 7 months old, from that day forward she seemed to lose the ability to sleep, she would cry out in the night several times, some nights it was every hour, she teethed solidly for 3 weeks which was immediately followed by her first cold, I literally spent the following 2 months in a state of constant exhaustion and sleep deprivation. My return to work was fast approaching and I was terrified about going back feeling like a Mombie.

At 8 months old she started crawling, now my little baby didn’t want to be picked up and cuddled anymore she was mobile and wanted to do her own thing, the night before I returned to work she slept through the night until my alarm went off at 7am, halleluiah!

Maternity leave for me was a very lonely time, once my partner had returned to work and after the first few weeks the visitors started to die down it was mostly spent just me and the baby, my partner needed the car for work and the novelty of getting the bus into town soon wore off, especially if there were already babies on the bus and I couldn’t get on, I was then either faced with waiting an hour for another bus or the expense of a taxi.

Despite all the difficult times, she’s pretty full on and hard work, it takes one smile from her for me to realise that I’ve got this, we’ve got this, the first 9 months of her life have passed in what feels like the blink of an eye, I’m back at work and she’s at nursery. I love her with every ounce of my being but I’m enjoying the little break and breather from being a parent that going back to work has given me.

Am I allowed to say that?!

Carrie Hughes


Brendan O Hara

We recently had a visit from Brendan O’Hara MP. Brendan knew a lot about the work of Home-Start and he was very interested to hear the personal stories from one of our families and a volunteer.



On 21st January, the Waterfront Fishouse Restaurant, Oban  again hosted our Annual Burns Supper. A great night was enjoyed by all who attended, and the grand sum of £1,111 was raised for the ongoing work of Home-Start Lorn.



Angela (Gela) Rose with Kirstie Allsopp & Alastair Stewart, OBE, after receiving her award for longest serving volunteer (Scotland) at the Home-Start National Convention 21st March 2016

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