TestimonialsWhat our Families Say:

"Home-Start gave me a lifeline when I felt like I was drowning!"

"Just thinking about me for 2 hours a week was great. We all looked forward to our volunteer coming."

"Looked forward to time every week to get things done. Knew children were well cared for."

"Two hours may only be a short amount of time, but it can be the difference between coping and going over the edge! It has made all the difference in the world to me and my family. THANK YOU!"

"We feel that our volunteer has become an extension of our family and hope that the children will have the chance to see her in the future. We know she will continue to provide a ray of sunshine to more families. Thank you!"
"My volunteer came for 3 years so I was very sorry to see her go but now have a friend for ever."

"I am extremely grateful for all the help and support both physically and mentally from Home-Start and would like to praise my volunteer – she is worth her weight in gold."

“I'm so impressed it's a safe place for everyone and the mums feel comfortable to talk about things amongst themselves.” Comments from Home-Start parents at one of our free family activity groups.

"I went to other groups when my eldest was young but I just didn't feel welcome, I ended up leaving early and went home and cried. I wish I had heard about Home-Start then because coming here I have made real friends. Life is hard sometimes and we're all mums going through the same things. Today has been great, the kids have had a great time and it was nice meeting the new mums too." Home-Start Lorn Mum

"My son doesn’t normally play with other children but he’s played so well today. It’s my Birthday today and seeing my son happy makes me happy." A Home-Start mum speaking about her son at one of our Home-Start Lorn groups.

“I love coming here to get a break and help with my kids since, I'm on my own” Comment from a Home-Start Mum at one of our friendly groups.

"It’s lovely to see her playing with other children so happily because she is rarely around other kids. It’s good to see that being born during lockdown hasn’t affected her in that way." A Home-Start mum speaking about her daughter at one of our Home-Start Lorn groups.

What our Volunteers Say

“I love the fact that I am able to offer this young child a committed, positive, stable and consistent relationship where he knows he is safe and is encouraged in one-to one activity for a full 3 hours. I love the fact that this also allows “mum” the free time out she needs in order to recuperate and restore her energy and well-being.”

"I would like to thank you for giving me Irene 21 years ago, the help and friendship we received was a godsend at a time when I was struggling to get by looking after twin boys, and just knowing I was getting a break for two hours a week kept my sanity intact. I always said I would do the same to help some other family when I was able to, and started volunteering last year with my first family, we have become great friends very quickly and I love the time we spend together and mum asks me for advice on lots of things, I feel privileged to be able to help and support a fantastic mum who is doing the best job in the world."

(Previous family and now volunteer)

"I have been involved with Home-Start for over 20 years as a home-visiting volunteer & trustee. I am a mother, grandmother & was a sick children’s nurse & I know the importance of the first 5 years of any child’s life. I joined Home-Start because I believe they make a difference to families who are struggling to cope with many different problems & even 2 hours a week help from a volunteer can change so much."

What Others Say

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